In the Beginning


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and was with God. The
world was void and without form. In a moment of divine inspiration perhaps, the
heavens, the earth and “man” were created in the Creator’s image.

From the very beginning, the earliest moments of our human creation and
existence here on this beautiful planet Earth, a question of our creation has been
an integral part of our human thoughts. How is it that we come to exist? Why are
we here? Does God even exist?

How we as individuals perceive the origins of our creation, the source of our
being, is expressed in our behaviours toward our home, toward ourselves and
toward our fellow humans. As the human race grew in number from this first seed
and spread out across the planet, various races evolved according to the region of
the world they eventually came to occupy. In each region as the families grew into
clans, tribes, and villages, the peoples there would come together to express
gratitude, worship and honour their creator “Gods” in their own particular way.
Being born into a particular family and culture would therefore determine how a
person would come to understand and practice their “religion” and faith.

In the world today there are numerous and varied religions. Is any particular
religion superior to any other? Regardless of origin, the premise of most religions
is for “man” to find comfort in his existence here on Earth, to experience
abundance and prosperity, to be at peace with his soul, and to express the love that
the Creator has bestowed upon him through his kind actions with himself and
others. Why is it then that we struggle and fight against each other for the sake of
our religions? The history of humankind is filled with manifold examples of
religious hatred and persecutions between the races and cultures of “men”. Is this
how we choose to honour our Creator, and if not the Creator, then ourselves
through the persecution and murder of innocent souls? Remember, we all come
from the same source and seed.

It is in the remembrance and honouring of the will of “God” and of our roots that
we begin to express the best of our human nature. The planet Earth is truly a
veritable “Garden” full of promise and infinite possibilities for the benefit of
humankind, all the children of God. In reality, we are all related through one seed,
one creator, we are brethren, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers … it is time for us
to all wake up and manifest this relationship we have with God and with each
other as members of the human race in a peaceful and loving co-existence. The
following quote is appropriate “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the
whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36, KJV)”. Consider this, it is in the
giving of ourselves that we receive and come to know ourselves reverently in the
heart of God, and it is in the sharing of this, the abundance provided through our
giving, that we receive abundance in kind.

William Farmoon,
BSc. Chemistry, MBA, Reiki Master, West Virginia, USA

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