When the student is ready …

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When The Student Is Ready …

A phrase that I have often heard and have also used from time to time is “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” For the past 5 weeks I have been following along in a unique learning opportunity presented by D’vorah Lansky, the “30 Day Book Marketing Challenge.” As this challenge comes to its conclusion, I feel that the phrase above needs to be amended a bit with the following added … ready or not, here I Am, Are You Ready?

The depth and breadth of the lessons, the resources, the presentations, the tools and the connections made available through this program was and is an “awesome” learning experience. Kudos to you D’vorah, well done! In a five star rating system I will give you a 10+, off the scale for sure, and I sincerely thank you. Kudos must also be given to all of the authors, presenters and participants for their contributions in this editor’s/writer’s/author’s journey.

My journey into this editing/writing/authoring experience began quite serendipitously as a collaborative project back in December of 2012 when I was introduced to a uniquely thoughtful young writer from Nigeria, Adamu Donald. Quite by chance I became friends with a very beautiful young woman through social media, i.e. Facebook, who told me straight away that she liked the way I expressed myself and asked me if I would be interested in editing a book being written by a friend of hers. Little did I know then what an awesome journey this would turn out to be. Working together through many back-and-forth email correspondences and through social media chats, we finally completed the project at the end of February of this year (whew … yeah and yahoo!!) with 2 books now in pre-publication.

Having completed what had started as an editing project now became a marketing/publishing project. What to do? I was neither a publisher nor a marketer, and until this moment I had not seriously considered it. Well then, it was time to put on a new hat, maybe buy some new shoes and learn a new creative writing skill. At the beginning of March I set up our website, http://www.angelicconcepts.com/  to promote the works of my now very good friend and author through the social media (http://www.facebook.com/ascensionheart) that had introduced us. I also began using my blog at http://ascensionheart.wordpress.com. This is where D’vorah and the Book Marketing Challenge comes into the picture, serendipity again, the right place at the right time.

Each week of the challenge provided many useful insights into how I and my writer friend can begin realizing the fruition of our work together. It will take a bit of time in review to apply all of the strategies, resources and tools. The lessons I have found most useful through this experience are the further development of the author platform, implementing the many marketing strategies, and creating the fruitful relationships that will allow Angelic Concepts to blossom into the larger vision created through participation in the Book Marketing Challenge. Once again, from my heart, thank you D’vorah, blessings …


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