Under The African Sky

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This book contains six short stories: 1.The Reward of Kindness; 2.Obedience Is The Best Policy; 3.The Disobedient Child; 4.The Unfulfilled Bride; 5.The Wise King; and 6.The Masked Thief.

These stories are written to encourage and bring young people, especially students in primary schools and junior secondary schools, into the world of literature. The stories are very enthralling and captivating. Each story contains five (5) moral lessons that illustrate and teach the reader important moral and social behaviors that exist in modern society. Additionally, the book provides ten (10) questions at the end of each story to test the reader’s comprehension. A glossary is also included in the book which gives the meanings of three hundred and fifty-four (354) English words and twenty-nine (29) phrases, abbreviations and vernacular expressions as used in the stories.

(Story-one) A balanced society in which love, kindness and the sharing of abundance is always demonstrated will encourage the development of a kind, considerate and thoughtful character in the individual.

(Story-two) It is of great benefit for our younger ones to listen to their parents’ and elders’ advice and teachings as they mature so that they will succeed in life.

(Story-three) It is also a great benefit for the younger ones to know that they will only be able to succeed in life if they read, study very hard, and diligently apply themselves in acquiring a good education in school rather than depending upon any form of cheating and malpractice in the pursuit of education, knowledge and wisdom.

(Story-four) Vainglorious pride destroys character worse than anything else can. A proud person will never learn from his or her mistakes in life. Overarching pride and vanity ruins a person.

(Story-five) It is also important to know that the combination of strength and wisdom work together better than independently of each other. If you depend solely on strength alone without wisdom you might end up doing foolish things in life.

(Story-six) Learn to trust and believe in God for assistance. Whatever you are doing, make sure you do it well so that God and the people in the society will honour you.

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  1. vitoria james says:

    This is inspiring,motivating and great.it’s a must read 4 everyone out there.kudos to the author who put up this great work.

  2. Good story book with good picture illustration for our kids. It is a good read I am privileged to have known and worked with the Author on this book.

  3. nice story i hope to get one for my kids

  4. hurray … the story book is among those selected by Niger story for publication check the link below for evidence. We still need your prayers to help win the contest.


  5. Oso Peace says:

    The author must be a very brilliant man to have come with an interesting story like this…Kudos bro

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