The Virgin Saviour



“The Virgin Saviour” book presents an insightful look into some of the cultural and traditional religious practices of the Igbo people of south-eastern Nigeria in Africa. The culture, tradition and customs of an individual are hereditary. With careful observation one is often able to determine where a person originates from judging by the language he speaks, the way he dresses, from the type of religion he practices, etcetera, etcetera…

From the story in this in book, the people of Amechi kept silent and gullibly believed their priest when everything was not going on well for them in their village after the suspicious death of their King. Amadioha, the gods of Amechi became angry and struck the village with great calamity. One of the Dibia (a Priest) that proffered a solution for them accused them of keeping quiet and allowing evil to prevail in their land. After his explanation, the people of Amechi understood why the calamity in the land not only affected the perpetrators of the felony but also caused Amadioha to strike the entire village of Amechi with calamity.

“Evil will always prevail when good men fail to act,” Dibia Nzegbu told the villager as he was preaching to them.

In reading this book, your mind will travel to Africa and Nigeria and then on to the Igbo tribe of south-eastern Nigeria. The pictures presented in the book will also help in describing to you their mode of conduct, their dwellings, their attire, and so much more. A glossary page is also included to help explain some of the cultural slangs and vernacular expressions used in the book. Read on and find out more for yourself… Thank you and God bless you.


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